Hvirvelvinden is a responsible, passionate, and loving breeder of the magnificent African Lion Dog – the Rhodesian Ridgeback. As an educated breeder, I take great pride in improving my knowledge about evidence-based training and nutrition, and in consulting with leading experts with regards to all aspects of breeding and raising healthy individuals. This is to ensure that puppies from Hvirvelvinden get not only the best start in life but also the best prerequisites for a wonderful and long life as part of your family.

Hvirvelvinden Aldebaran "Marvin" Rhodesian Ridgeback hvalp
Rhodesian Ridgeback Storm - Hvirvelvinden Aranis
Rhodesian Ridgeback Storm - Hvirvelvinden Aranis
Hvirvelvinden Aldebaran "Marvin" Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies

Meet Marvin & Storm from Hvirvelvinden’s first litter between Nubia & Royce, see all the puppies under Litter A.


Kennel Hvirvelvinden is dedicated to the conservation and promotion of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Hvirvelvinden was officially founded as a kennel under the auspices of the Danish Kennel Club in 2020, but was formed as an idea back in 2017.

The Ridgebacks have been part of the family for over a decade and part of the plans since sometime in the 90s. This is a tale of an all-consuming and life-changing love and a dream come true in the form of a kennel.

On this site you can read more about the kennel and our dogs.


Hvirvelvinden is an official DKK and FCI approved kennel name [documentation]. FCI is “Fédération Cynologique Internationale” also referred to as the World Canine Organisation. You can read more about FCI HERE.

Before you can even apply for a kennel name, you must have completed and passed the Danish Kennel Club’s breeder education, after which you can call yourself a DKK-trained breeder [documentation].

You can read more about DKK (The Danish Kennel Club) HERE.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Klubben Danmark RRK
RRK member
DKK-certified kennel
Hvirvelvinden er et FCI-godkendt kennelmærke
FCI-certified kennel
Opdrætter Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy Culture
Puppy Culture Breeder



The goal is to breed gorgeous, elegant and powerful dogs with intelligence and character in abundance. Stellar health and excellent temperament are a given goal, of course! There are no guarantees when it comes to breeding and matchmaking but being selective when it comes to health and performance goes a long way and each match is an opportunity to learn more.

With regards to temperament, we adhere to the official breed description of a dog that is dignified, aloof with strangers but fiercely loving with family members. Watchful but never noisy or aggressive. 

In short: a loving and curious dog with lots of juice and power combined with both grace and speed. Dogs from Hvirvelvinden should be vigilant but friendly and sensible. They should have healthy hunting instincts but be able to learn self-control with training and socialisation. They should be able to alternate effortlessly between being playful and active and being calm and gentle – depending on the situation.


Hvirvelvinden is DKK trained and tested and approved by FCI. This gives anyone interested in becoming a puppy owner or engaging with us otherwise a certain guarantee, since we adhere to the official rules and regulations. We also follow the Puppy Culture program to give the puppies the best start in life, see more below.

Apart from the fact that we only involve genetically healthy dogs in breeding, avoid inbreeding and are closely followed by veterinarians throughout the process, we also do not compromise on a very important component of breeding, namely “match-making”. In short, it is the art of making sure that breeding animals match in both temperament and appearance – in addition to health. The same match-making goals extend to finding the best possible forever homes for the puppies.

Although Hvirvelvinden is a newly started kennel, we have 25 years of experience with breeding, just in the horse world. The farm also house our brood mares, which are part of the breeding programme for Engholm Icelandic Horses.




A Rhodesian Ridgeback grows up soooo fast. You blink and your cute little puppy looks like an adult dog! It almost goes without saying that such a steep growth curve requires adequate support in the form of correct nutrition. In their dam’s womb and by her side it is my job as a breeder to ensure that the puppies get the best possible nutrition. To do so, I draw on the latest research in the field; luckily a lot has happened in recent years and we now have more knowledge than ever about the best diet for each life stage.

It is also crucial for the growth and maturation of the puppies in the womb that the dam is fed optimally. For this reason, Hvirvelvinden has professional diet plans tailored to the needs of the dam and the puppies. It starts when the mother to be is prepared for mating and lasts for the puppies’ first 12 weeks in the world. Please note that it is a requirement for puppies from Hvirvelvinden that they are fed according to the tailored diet plan at least until week 12.

I feed a fresh food diet and prioritise that each individual gets their nutrition from healthy and natural sources where ever possible. The diet plans are based on evidence-based, international standards for nutrition and the puppies and their dam are therefore guaranteed correct nutrition and – with that – the best conditions for a long and healthy life. And for us as their guardians – peace of mind.


The purpose of Puppy Culture is to give puppies a solid foundation for their life as a member of a human family in a home and a society meant for humans. This is achieved partly with the help of ENS (Early Neurogical Stimulation), partly in the form of learning experiences and the teaching of age-appropriate skills. From the time of their birth, the puppies are exposed to sensations and experiences in a safe environment and at just the right time in the development of their nervous system and brain to help them grow into confident adults.

This ensures that they have learned useful skills they can use to navigate a modern household. It is not at all easy for a small predator to understand your home and your family culture when they arrive fresh from the puppy pile full of naughty, wild animals. The Puppy Culture programme prepares the puppy for the life that awaits. We expect you to build on that work when you welcome a small creature with sharp teeth and no sense of right and wrong among humans into your home.

The Puppy Culture programme does not end with the breeder. It will be your job to continue the work, and to that end a lot of easily digestible material, homework and an unlimited amount of support are included!

You can read more about ENS here and more about Puppy Culture here.


Dea Vemming, indehaver, Kennel Hvirvelvinden Rhodesian Ridgeback


Welcome to Hvirvelvinden Rhodesian Ridgeback! My name is Dea and I am the founder of kennel Hvirvelvinden. I am 41 yrs old and have a degree in Multimedia design and a BA in Information Management. Over the years I have supplemented my official degrees with courses in Photography, SoMe management, canine nutrition and vet clinic management.

The reason why I am sitting here today in a good mood – despite the fact that I suffer from a chronic pain condition – had four strong paws and a heart of the purest gold. His name was Hannibal and he was my first Rhodesian Ridgeback. That’s him sitting with me in the picture. He carried me through the most difficult time in my life after an open back surgery where I lost my mobility. Luckily I got it back with Hannibal’s loving help and support.

Since then, Nubia has joined us, and what a party we have had! She is a little whirlwind, a firecracker, a comedian and a cornucopia of love and kisses. Now I cannot even imagine life without her, even if we have to miss Hannibal forever!

I wish for all interested parties that they, too, can have such a great friend that I had two of. Nubia is in full agreement that – when the time comes – she will pass on her unique qualities, appearance as well as glorious and fun temperament to the next generations. We look forward to welcoming you to our little family here in Hvirvelvinden!

Photo: fonnesbo.dk

Warm regards, Dea

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